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A model in which the language model utilized in ChatGPT is trained on construction-related laws and regulations, chact.
Questions about construction-related regulations can be answered based on the text of construction-related regulations. Other customizations, such as learning construction-related Q&A and email communications, are also available.
Industry: Civil Engineering, Architecture, Local government
COVID-19 vaccine procurement platform for local government, estam.
Connecting local governments to solve surplus and shortage of COVID-19 vaccine at online platform. Reduce the waste of COVID-19 vaccine because of the expiration.
Industry: Local Government, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Manufacture, Retail
Dangerous situation in construction detecting AI, trafe.
Construction manager can get alert when camera detects a dangerous situation at construction project.
Industry: Civil Engineering, Architecture, Manufacture
System for assignment of factories and builders in construction project, ceam.
Prime contractors can compare and find the best factory and subcontractor to assign in each construction project.
Industry: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Manufacture