Construction company can reduce procurement cost. Uber and Instacart for building material delivery.
Background Because of unexpected delivery, and the limited material storage area in the construction site, such situations, only one wood on the large truck, frequently occurred. Because of the problems, rate of operation is low in building material delivery. However, GPS data of drivers can be easily obtained because almost all driver use smartphone now. Construction company can reduce the delivery cost and time by collaborative delivery. Driver can earn more money by deliver to several sites at once. How it works? (e.g., building material delivery) 1. Construction company and drivers (includes citizen in the town) registers the matery App. 2. Construction company uploads delivery information (origin and destination of delivery, attach material images, size, due, fee…) to seek drivers. 3. Driver applies to the delivery, and suggest time and fee. 4. Construction company compares driver’s suggestions, and chooses applicant. 5. Driver picks up and delivers. 6. Payment Function (all in $8,000 and deliver in 1 month) - Origin and destination of delivery showing on app. - Notify the new project to drivers in the area. - All-In-One driver process Customization Options - Rate each other ($4,000 and deliver in 0.5 month) - Online payment

SaaS (initial customize fee ($8,000 -) + maintenance fee ($350 -))

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