Capable of generating images based on design features learned by the generation AI
Real Estate Construction
■ Background There are many opportunities to create perspectives based on specific design features, such as designs based on your own company's design when creating a design. However, this can be time-consuming for designers when creating a new design or when modifying a design. The solution "stylus" can generate images based on the design features of the original image case. By using this solution, designers can expect to reduce the time and effort required to create design proposals based on the characteristics of their company's design. How to use the solution (1) Upload the images whose features you wish to study. 20 or more images are recommended. (2) Input keywords (e.g., "interior with a relaxed atmosphere," etc.) and images will be generated. An image will be created that reflects the characteristics of the images uploaded in advance. Available for download.

The following table shows the fees for each plan, the number of images that can be generated per month, and the number of times fine tuning (the generation of an image generation model based on the characteristics of the uploaded images) is possible per month. Unlimited number of users can be invited
$75, 300 images / month, 3 fine-tunings / month
$150, 600 images / month, 6 fine-tunings / month
$450, 1800 images / month, 18 fine-tunings / month
$1,500, 6000 images / month, 60 fine-tunings / month

Fees are charged on a monthly basis.
You can choose to pay by credit card or bank transfer.
The fee is refundable if you cancel within 2 weeks (2-week trial is available).
Enterprise Plan provides a flexible system that meets your requirements by utilizing this technology. Estimates can be simulated simply.