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Website creation service incorporating image Generative AI
Background images can be changed according to the user's clicks, scrolls, and other actions and interests within the website.
Industry: Website
Geographic information application that enables citizens to report infrastructure repair locations to government agencies and manufacturers, locata
Citizens can register photos and location information of areas in need of repair in the city and report them to the government.
Industry: Civil Engineering, Manufacture
A voting system using Liquid democracy to reflect the opinions of the silent majority, votal.
This system can better reflect the opinions of the silent majority and minority groups.
Industry: Community development, Human resources
AI model for judging construction quality and deterioration that can be implemented with only a few dozen image training data, inspit.
The model is capable of judging the quality of construction with high accuracy by inputting images taken at a construction site. It can be implemented with a few dozen or so training data.
Industry: Civil Engineering, Architecture