CEO Masahiro Tsushima's article appeared in the March 2024 issue of Architectural Journal.
CEO Masahiro Tsushima's contribution appeared in the December issue of Architectural Knowledge.
mign, in cooperation with Yokosuka City and Toda Corporation, launches demonstration test of system that automatically determines rules to be followed when applying for building permits.
Stability AI was featured in Japan's official NOTE
JTB and mign begin development of a system that automatically generates images of home parties that offer an "extraordinary dining experience.
mign, a developer of generative AI software for the construction and civil engineering industries, and its representative spoke at the 88th Artificial Intelligence Seminar [archived video to be distributed].
mign CEO Masahiro Tsushima speaks at the University of Tokyo's "Architecture and Urban DX Human Resource Development Program
Featured in Nikkei Architecture
Featured in Nikkei Architecture
Featured in Nikkei Crosstech