Construction manager can get alert when camera detects a dangerous situation at construction project.
Background Construction industry is one of the highest mortality rate industries. Survey shows fatal accidents include fall, traffic, pinch, and collapse. These accidents have occurred by human factors and environment factors, however, it is difficult to pay attention to all situations by construction site manager. AI detecting system “trafe” can detect various dangerous situation realtime by simple web camera and PC. When detecting high risk situation, manager and worker can get alert by smartphone and buzzer. This helps to reduce fatal situations. How it works? (e.g., construction project) 1. Set camera at construction site. 2. Video data was analyzed by web application. 3. If dangerous situation detected, manager and worker can get alert by smartphone and buzzer. Function - Detecting high risk situation of crash between worker and machine (e.g., within 5m). - Worker and construction machine’s coordination (X, Y) in csv data. - Upload previous video to get coordination data. Customization Options - Development of AI to detect specific situations (fall, traffic, pinch, and collapse) by machine learning ($8,000-24,000 and deliver in 1-3 month) - Get alert by mail, sound, and light ($8,000 and deliver in 1 month) - We adjust your various needs at an affordable price, feel free to ask. ($8,000-16,000 per engineer month) Service process 1. Interview, 2. Define requirements, 3. Quote, 4. Initial setup, 5. Servise In short, we can start our service in 1 month from the interview.

SaaS (initial customize fee ($80000 -) + maintenance fee ($800 -))

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