Builders can reduce the cost and time for first quote, and increase conversion ratio.
Background After phone call, builder visits customer’s house, and measure the size of the room. Then go back to office and make a quote. Even these much effort in free service, many customer do not convert to next step, because customer also compare several builders simultaneously. On the other hand, customer always scare about high-pressure salesmanship. It is better for both builders and customers if customer can get quote before contact by themself. Shape makes it possible to simulate cost and design automatically by smartphone and pc. How it works? (e.g., quote for renovation) 1. Builders set several basic room types and materials, and cost in their previous work. 2. shape URL embedded in builder’s website. 3. Customer visit builder’s website, and click shape URL to get quote. 4. Input room type and size. 5. Simulate cost and design by smartphone and pc. 6. If customer satisfies the quote, contact to builder from form. Function - Various design can be applicable, such as new construction, renovation, interior, exterior, multi-angle. - Construction cost is calculated by room size, materials, building age and several other conditions. - Design CG reflects selected materials immediately - Builder can get data how customer selects material and time in simulation. - Contact form Customization Options - Create design in VR ($20 per design) - We adjust your various needs at an affordable price, feel free to ask. ($8,000-16,000 per engineer month) Service process 1. Interview, 2. Define requirements, 3. Quote, 4. Initial setup, 5. Servise In short, we can start our service in 1.5 month from the interview.

SaaS (initial customize fee ($80000 -) + maintenance fee ($800 -))

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