Construction managers can observe construction progress by 3D information, such as 3D scan data and panorama photo.
Background 3D scanner in smartphone (like iPhone), and 360 degree camera made easier to capture construction site progress. In most cases, manager is no longer needed to go to the site. Manager can operate several construction site simultaneously at your office. Basic function - Several project management. - Allocate pins on blueprint where you get images. - 3D scan data (gltf, glb), panorama image (jpeg), image (jpeg, png) uploading. - Check progress by several time series images at same location. - Download 3D scan data to use design. Customization Options - 360 degree video upload ($4,000 and deliver in 0.5 month) - Project history management function ($8,000 and deliver in 1 month) - Adopting to civil engineering project ($4,000 and deliver in 0.5 month) - Adopting other industries ($8,000 and deliver in 1 month) - We adjust your various needs at an affordable price, feel free to ask. ($8,000-16,000 per engineer month) Service process 1. Interview, 2. Define requirements, 3. Quote, 4. Initial setup, 5. Servise In short, we can start our service in 1 month from the interview.

SaaS (initial customize fee ($80000 -) + maintenance fee ($800 -))

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