This system can better reflect the opinions of the silent majority and minority groups.
Background In a democratic society, many decisions, including policy and personnel decisions, are made by voting. However, the more voters there are, the less weight each person gives to the vote, causing a decline in interest in issues and voter turnout. “votal”, a voting system based on Liquid democracy, allows voters with little interest in or knowledge of the issues being voted on to delegate their vote to another trusted voter, who will then vote for them. The voter can then delegate his or her vote to another trusted voter (who can then delegate it to another voter), who can then cast the ballot on his or her behalf, thereby ensuring that the voting results reflect the opinions of many people. How it works? (e.g., where residents are invited to vote on the consideration of a potential site for a local government park) 1. set up a voting system called "VOTAL" on a website 2. Ask residents to register as users. 3. Residents vote for their preferred park site or another trusted resident. 4. The results of the majority vote are confirmed. Function - Registration of new voting targets - Vote for another user and for the number of delegated votes - Confirmation of voting results Service process 1. Interview, 2. Define requirements, 3. Quote, 4. Initial setup, 5. Servise In short, we can start our service in 1 month from the interview.

Price: SaaS (initial customize fee ($80000 -) + maintenance fee ($800 -))

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