Designers can reduce time for design and communication with their client.
Background In first design process, designers create various lots of plans for their client, and modify the plan based on feedbacks, and repeat this process several times. It takes much time. Generative AI reduces this communication cost. The automatic design software, Studiffuse, create and curate images based on input images or keywords by your clients, and reduces designer’s communication cost. Also, this solution can adapts to your service through machine learning by inputting your design images. How it works? (e.g., architecture design process) 1. Designer interviews the client about his needs. 2. Designer inputs images or keywords which meet the client’s needs to software. 3. Software creates various images. 4. Designer and the client watch and discuss the images, and modify inputting images and keywords. 5. Repeat the above process. 6. Download images from software, and use for your detail design. Function - Select types of images (house, apartment, store, office, hotel, and restaurant) - Create images by Generative AI - Analyzes input images using ChatGPT (gpt-3.5) and automatically generates similar images using Stable Diffusion. - Analyze and summarize text using ChatGPT (gpt-3.5), and automatically generate images based on that information using Stable Diffusion. - Collect similar images from Google Images - Input images and keywords - Download curated images Customization Options - Collect images from other image services (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Alibaba) ($8,000 and deliver in 1 month) - Adapt to your service design through machine learning ($8,000-24,000 and deliver in 1-3 month) - Integrate to your website. ($8,000 and deliver in 1 month) - We adjust your various needs at an affordable price, feel free to ask. ($8,000-16,000 per engineer month) Service process 1. Interview, 2. Define requirements, 3. Quote, 4. Initial setup, 5. Servise In short, we can start our service in 1 month from the interview.

SaaS (initial customize fee ($80000 -) + maintenance fee ($800 -))