anosite for disaster

The ability to record the disaster situation in three dimensions is expected to facilitate the smooth sharing of information among the parties involved.
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Damage in Suzu City, Ishikawa Prefecture (change the date to compare with before the disaster) Near Suzu City Hall Near Ukai Fishing Port ■ Background On January 1, 2024, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake accompanied by a tsunami hit Ishikawa Prefecture, damaging not only people's names but also houses and lifelines, making it difficult for people to maintain their lives. There is an urgent need to quickly restore and reconstruct the affected areas in order to regain the previous way of life. It is important to share the status of the disaster and the progress of restoration with all parties concerned as the restoration work proceeds, but since major earthquakes do not occur frequently, the necessary systems have not yet been adequately prepared. mign is offering anosite for disaster, a customized version of anosite, a construction site progress confirmation system using 360-degree image data, free of charge for those involved in restoration work in disaster-stricken areas (government, contractors, NPOs, etc.). The ability to record the status of the disaster in three dimensions will facilitate the smooth sharing of information among the parties involved. How to use the solution (1) Apply for free use using the form on the service website. (2) Register a new application. Upload a map image of the disaster-stricken area. (4) Place pins on the map at the points where you want to record the damage. (5) Register images on the pin for each date and time before and after the disaster, and for each date and time of the restoration work. Panoramic images, 2D images, Google street map URLs, etc. can be registered. (6) Necessary notes can be added to each location on the 360-degree image, such as the status of the disaster. (7) You can share the images with related parties by setting them to be publicly available. Contact for errors and requests Since this is a beta version and includes features that are still under development, please use the contact form for any errors or requests for improvements.

Free of charge (for people related to the affected areas)