37 types of Oura Ring data available. Construction managers can get productivity insights from workers in each project.
Background As semiconductor has been smaller and lighter, many types of wearable devices can be used in affordable cost. Oura Ring (by Oura Health Oy) is one of the cutting-edge wearable device. Beautiful design, good life battery, and surprisingly various useful data make your life better. Oura Ring website These kinds of devices also can be useful in construction industry. By wearing devices, managers can get various data and insights, which has never been obtained in construction sites. Status of sleep and intensity of work is useful for productivity improvement. Our software “worum” visualize various data from all workers in each project, and makes it easier to manage workers. How it works? (e.g., construction management) 1. Input information about workers in worum to collect data by Oura Ring API. 2. Create new construction project in worum. 3. Workers wear Oura Ring all days. 4. Manager can observe various worker data in overview and individual in each project. 5. Manager can discuss how to improve productivity in each construction (e.g., take more rest for some workers, assign more workers in specific process, and modify construction process). Function - Collect data from Oura Ring: 1. Daily Activity Active Calories, 2. Daily Activity Average Met Minutes, 3. Daily Activity Meet Daily Targets, 4. Daily Activity Move Every Hour, 5. Daily Activity Recovery Time, 6. Daily Activity Score, 7. Daily Activity Stay Active, 8. Daily Activity Training Frequency, 9. Daily Activity Training Volume, 10. Daily Sleep Activity Balance, 11. Daily Sleep Body Temperature, 12. Daily Sleep Deep Sleep, 13. Daily Sleep Efficiency, 14. Daily Sleep Hrv Balance, 15. Daily Sleep Latency, 16. Daily Sleep Previous Night, 17. Daily Sleep Recovery Index, 18. Daily Sleep Rem Sleep, 19. Daily Sleep Restfulness, 20. Daily Sleep Resting Heart Rate, 21. Daily Sleep Score, 22. Daily Sleep Sleep Balance, 23. Daily Sleep Temperature Deviation, 24. Daily Sleep Temperature Trend Deviation, 25. Daily Sleep Timing, 26. Daily Sleep Total Sleep, 27. Sleep Average Breath, 28. Sleep Average Heart Rate, 29. Sleep Average Hrv, 30. Sleep Awake Time, 31. Sleep Deep Sleep Duration, 32. Sleep Efficiency, 33. Sleep Latency, 34. Sleep Light Sleep Duration, 35. Sleep Lowest Heart Rate, 36. Sleep Rem Sleep Duration, 37. Sleep Restless Periods, 38. Sleep Time In Bed. - Visualize all worker data in overview and individual in each project. - Sort individual data by date, and data value. Customization Options - Collect data from other wearable devices, such as Apple watch and Xiaomi. Apple watch can collect: 1. high or low heart rate, 2. low cardiopulmonary function level, 3. notification of irregular heartbeat, 4. notification of environmental noise level and loud noises, 5. history of severe falls and number of falls, 6. crashes, 7. location information (movement), 8. crashes (to emergency contacts). ($16,000 and deliver in 2 month) - More deep insight from collected data by using machine learning (e.g., estimation of accident risks) ($8,000-24,000 and deliver in 1-3 month) - Apply to other industries, such as driver’s management to prevent accident, and smart city. ($16,000 and deliver in 2 month) - We adjust your various needs at an affordable price, feel free to ask. ($8,000-16,000 per engineer month) Service process 1. Interview, 2. Define requirements, 3. Quote, 4. Initial setup, 5. Servise In short, we can start our service in 1 month from the interview.

SaaS (initial customize fee ($80000 -) + maintenance fee ($800 -))

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